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5 Top Tips to Building a Prosecco Van Business

9th November 2017

Over the past 6 months we have been working hard to setup and launch our new business. It's been a new, and sometimes daunting, experience for us. Below are some of our top tips from the lessons we've experienced so far:

1. Identify your strengths

Play to your strengths: Surround yourself with a good team/support network. If there are several business partners, make sure that you do the job that suits each of you best. if you are setting up on your own, make sure that you have people around you that can give good advice and help you on your path to making a successful business.

2. Know your Product

Before we decided on our venture we had been bouncing various ideas off of each other, doing research into some, and disregarding others, but it wasn't until we looked into Prosecco that we knew that we would be on to a winner. Choosing one product enabled us to focus and decide on the best way to take the business forward

3. Set your budget

Compile a business plan to set out what your costs would be for setting the business up, as well as on a monthly basis going forward. Using these numbers you can set up a simple spreadsheet which will enable you to see your expenditures, where you can save and where you may need to spend a little bit more.

4. Build relationships

One of the most important things is to meet the suppliers you have chosen to use. The conversion of our Tuk Tuk Rickshaw is almost finished and we have a fabulous relationship with our contact there. We have also found a lovely company to supply us with Prosecco and are looking forward to doing a lot of business with them in the future

5. Challenge and Trust

Building a new business comes with significant challenges, every one of which must be embraced and overcome. We have had several important decisions to make so far, from choosing the right vehicle, to the right design and of course the right Prosecco. With these challenges there needs to be trust, trust in your partners, trust in your suppliers and trust in your own convictions. There will be mistakes made, but at long as you learn from them then you cant fail.

We hope these lessons will help you and your new venture to succeed and would love to hear what have been your most valuable lessons in your journey?

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